Scout 2018
Illustrations for online near future science fiction magazine, Scout.
That Little Star
Indie game developers, Lucid Labs asked me to come up with some character, location and concept art for their point & click murder-mystery game. The game centres around a maths child-genius who has difficulty interacting with others. He comes home to find that someone has been murdered in his home.
Scavenger - Concept Art
Scavenger is an open world RPG, where you navigate cavernous mazes and desert planes, explore dense forests and aquatic caverns. Items you find can be traded, sold or crafted into other items. Its a game that everyone should play, but never will. Becasue it doesn't exist.
Blackout - Science Fiction inspired illustration
Dawns, days, dusks & nights on the lake
I was asked to design a landscape scene for a background of a login screen. The landscape has 16 varieties, 4 times of day for 4 seasons. The idea is to use geotags to pinpoint the location of the user, and the corresponding landscape will load in. So if it is early morning in summer where you are located, the Summer Dawn landscape illustration will be your background.
Nike: Goddess of Victory
Self initiated illustrations, showing Nike, the Goddess of victory emerging from the flames into a hail of adversery.
assemblage 01
assemblage 02
assemblage 03
Lost & Found Exhibition
A couple pieces for a group show entitled "Lost & Found.
Without Dreams we are Machines
I was asked by /And People to create a wood piece for their office that represents their ethos. Wood cut on 2 types of wood, Wenge & Maple.
Essie Letterpress Artists Almanac 2014
I was invited to contribute to Essie Letterpress Artists Almanac 2014. Each Artist was given a month of the year to represent visually, I was given the month of February. The love month. The entire project can be viewed here:
adidas Originals | I ART JOBURG Press Packs
adidas Originals Press Packs for the I ART JOBURG large scale mural project.
PH Fat Illustrations
A series of illustrations created for South African rap group PHfat.
GraphicMail Character Development
I was approached by email marketing company GraphicMail to develop a character to represent their brand. They wanted someone who resembled the old school South African Postman.
Homeward Bound Exhibition
I was a participating artist in a group show called "Homeward Bound" the nature of the artwork needed to explore the aesthetic of nautical tattoos.
The Woodlands Eatery Poster & Wall Piece
I was commissioned by Cape Town based restaurant, The Woodlands Eatery to design this typographic piece for their wall. The copy is from William Blake's Poem; "Auguries of Innocence".
New on Old
A collection of modified old prints
Poppa Trunks Window Display
I collaborated with Art Director/Deisgner Hylton Revell from ilovelvet to create this window display. Poppa Trunks wanted something with more energy than their existing display.
ScottUSA Global Art Edition
Internation Collaboration for Scott USA. Artwork travelled to & artists around the globe, who then left their mark on the canvass, adding on to the art from the previous artists.
Alive at Midnight
Artist's Almanac 2014
The South African Letterpress Artist's Almanac
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