Scout is a near future online Science Fiction magazine. Scout has a unique approach to science fiction, the stories published deal with current times as the root of their narrative. Through this, the stories highlight our current times and how they could impact the future, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad.

The Wanderers
This illustration acts as an alternative book cover for The Wanderers. The article itself examines the themes of the book and the difficulties that isolation will play on the first people to voyage to Mars.
Jesus Christ is Not in Your Contacts
In this original science fiction short, "A God to End All Gods," an outsider explores the online deity we all worship.
The story of a female commander who is responsible to set up the first colony on Venus.

Synthetic biology and biotechnology
There many ways that our biological problems will be solved by biotechnology and synthetic biology. But, for each of these solutions, there is a range of new potential problems.
Russia's Cyberwarfare
Russia has launched an attack on the Europe and America. Not with tanks and guns, with ones and zeros.
A monument to our biggest sin
In the future, all of our cultural monuments have been submerged due to global warming. This story follows a family on vacation off to see the ancient wonders that have been recreated.
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